What happens at zen church?

God gathers us

With its simple open space lined with meditation cushions, Zen Church’s sanctuary looks more like a meditation hall than a traditional church. Our gathering includes a time of Zen meditation. In this sacred space, we become mindful of God’s presence.

God speaks to us

Through the reading of scripture, God’s Word awakens and nourishes our faith. Worship at Zen Church offers time for silent and guided reflection, which helps us apply the Word of God to our lives. With the whole church, we confess our faith and pray for the world.

God feeds us

At Zen Church, we emphasize the communal nature of the Holy Meal. As we are fed with the presence of Christ, our one-ness is fully realized: we are one with Christ and each other.

God sends us

The Spirit sends us to embody compassion and loving-kindness in the world.

Where is Zen Church?

Zen Church is a ministry of St Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church, 350 White Horse Ave, Hamilton NJ.

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