What is Zen Church?

Zen is a derived word that simply means meditation. Zen is about bringing mindful awareness to all areas of our lives, which we cultivate in formal, seated meditation practice.

Zen Church borrows this idea to bring mindful awareness to our worship and faith. Through incorporating meditation as a worship practice, we hope to help faith seekers from all walks of life grow into a fuller awareness of God’s presence in everyday living, resulting in compassionate lives of service lived out in faith.

Simply put, Zen Church is the incorporation of meditation practice into worship.

In doing so, we hope to bring fresh eyes, or a “beginner’s mind” to Church. Therefore, Zen Church looks different than what we normally think of when it comes to Church. Yet it is rooted in the most ancient, basic, catholic values and practices of our Christian faith.

At Zen Church, our goal is to help Christians develop an everyday, practical spirituality by asking questions, wrestling with faith, dropping assumptions and expectations, and being nurtured by God through Word and sacrament. We ask critically (yet gently!) what it means to be the Church – followers of Jesus – in the 21st century: today, now.

Welcome to Zen Church.

Zen Church is a ministry of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Hamilton, NJ


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