What is Zen Church?

Zen Church is an idea. It’s a community. It’s a way of being Church.

It’s a way of being Church that looks totally different than what we normally think of when it comes to Church. Yet it is rooted in the most ancient, basic, catholic values and practices of our Christian faith. In the spirit of Zen, Zen Church takes a minimalist approach to worship. It is a stripped-down, fresh perspective on being Church. It is Church for faith seekers from all walks of life.

And it incorporates Zen meditation as part of worship and everyday personal practice.

Through meditation, we wake up to right now. We wake up to who we are. We wake up to the joy, wonder, peace, and grace of God that is present in each and every moment, even in the midst of our suffering and problems.

By incorporating meditation, Zen Church encourages the Church to wake up to who God is calling us to be today.  It brings a critical awareness to cut through 2000+ years of Church traditions, doctrines, and cultural values of the religious institution to get to the heart of who we are and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We see with fresh eyes what God is doing through Word and sacrament.

At Zen Church, we emphasize our “beginner’s mind” of Zen. We worship always as if for the first time. We are the Church always as if for the first time. We live each day new, as if for the first time.

Welcome to Zen Church.